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A New Year At Last

Finally 2009 is over and another year begins! :) I sure hope that 2010 will be a much better year that 2009 was, I don't think I could handle another year like that! D8

To see in the new year, I met up with Lennon and Meghan to see the fireworks display in town but first we went to Timezone. We only had time for a few games but that's okay, we still had fun which is the main thing.

Then we went to the square for the new year countdown and to watch the fireworks which were really pretty. This is the first time I've been to a new year countdown and it was pretty fun. What a nice way to start of a new year, I just hope that the rest of the year will turn out to be just as good. ^_^
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End of year goal review

Did I manage to complete any of my goals in this hellish year? Let's go over them:

*Learned how to sew and successfully sewed my first cosplay. ^_^

*Attended all Geddons but not the other major cons.

*Learned all the cosplay dances, including Gin's part for Hona Saionara. ^_^

*Caught up on Bleach manga. (Gave up up Naruto)

*Actually finished some playstation games for once. xD

I also did a few other things like setting up a Paypal and Ebay account for the first time in my life. As well as finally getting to experience a Murder Mystery party which is something I have always wanted to do. ^_^

Okay so it's not a lot but it's at least half of the goals I planned, so not bad. So they are not major goals or anything but hey, with the year I had, it's a wonder I survived at all, let alone accomplished anything! -_-
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Screw This!

Good Riddance 2009!

I have never been so glad to see a year end! 2009 was the worst year I have ever had in my entire life and I am so glad that this nightmare year from hell will be over in just a few short hours. I cannot believe that I went through and survived all of the following in just one single year:

* January ~ My uncle committed suicide, I couldn't even go to his funeral and this happened right around the time of my birthday too, great birthday present. T_T

*June ~ Saw our cat get killed by the neighbours dogs right before my eyes, traumatized doesn't even begin to describe it. T_T

*July ~ Burnt hand, fell sick, hot water bottle split open and my modem died, all within the space of a week. -_-

*September ~ Went to use vouchers I got with my digital camera only to find that the store had closed down and that all of their other stores were following suit. Great, this meant that not only could I not use my vouchers but this makes my warranty practically void. D8<

*October ~ Right before AuckGeddon ~ My Euphemia dress I had commissioned was total fail, too big, flimsy straps and no petticoat even though I was assured that it would come with one. Totally not impressed! D8<<

*October ~ AuckGeddon ~ Someone in our cosplay club tried to kill themselves, this affected me badly, having already a lost someone close to me earlier on in the year to suicide. ;_; Someone else's room got broken into and all their stuff stolen. My Nelliel Tu mask broke. Missed out on most of the events at Geddon I wanted to attend. Yeah AuckGeddon was full of fail this time around. -__-

*October ~ After AuckGeddon ~ Got sick ... again ... dammit!

*November ~ Lots of drama here. My half sister contacted me out of nowhere, wanting to meet me, this is a bad thing as I don't want contact with my birth family (I"m adopted). Plus this came out of the blue so I was so not ready for it, this caused me much stress, to say the least. My auntie Marlene was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, worst news since my uncle killed himself. T_T Bad month was bad.

*December ~ Had an accident and received a nasty blow to my head for my trouble, couldn't turn/move my neck properly for days after this. -_-

All of this is mostly the major stuff, it doesn't include the minor stuff like these things. The first place I went to for sewing lessons not working out, not being able to do most of my planned cosplays, power manager breaking down and wig not arriving on time.

God, how the hell I survived this year is beyond me! Needless to say I was stressed out for most of the year and suffered from severe depression and several breakdowns as a result. (I was in a pretty bad state for most of the year).

I really just want to say, FUCK YOU 2009, you put me through absolute hell and back and I am SO glad that you are over! BURN IN HELL!!! DDD8<<<

Fail year was full of fail and now that I have gotten that out of system it's time to end this rant.
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Same old picnic, new location.

Every boxing day our family goes on an annual picnic, usually to the same spot. But in recent years it just hasn't been the same as they took away the swimming pool and the place has just gone downhill over the years. ):

We have talked about finding someplace new and now it's finally happened plus we hired it for the day so we had the venue all to ourselves.
But the best part is that it has a swimming pool, tennis courts and a playground, basically lots of stuff to do. ^_^

Everybody went swimming and we had had our annual waterfight too, we spent the rest of day playing with the dogs and with frisbess, balls, stuff like that.

Once back home, I hit the boxing day sales and bought some PS2 games and dvds, including the first Bleach movie, 'Memories of nobody' which I have been wanting to try for a while now.

I have to say that this is the best boxing day picnic I've had in years, even the weather was nice for a change, I hope we continue to go to that place in the future. ^_^
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Gin sensei!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is finally here at last! I did the usual and went to my parents house for the day. Christmas morning passed with us watching Christmas movies and catching up with everyone. ^^

For Christmas I got some perfume, T-shirts, an organizer and a whole heap of vouchers which is really handy. Most are for the same shop so if I put them all together I might finally be able to get a bigger suitcase which I need. =)

After lunch and Mums and Dads we all headed to my sister, Tanya's place where we threw a giant ball around for her dog and teased the cats with lasers, lol. Then Tanya had a surprise for everyone, a game and one that I recognized and know well. The Present game. 8D Everybody had fun with that and while I didn't get the present I wanted the most I did get a Tic tac toe magnet game which was pretty cool. (Stole it off Dad xD). ^_^

After games and dinner I went back home to rest up for the picnic tomorrow. :)
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Had Better Days Than This

Another Christmas party

A small anime club in Ashburton, a town about and hours drive away held their xmas party tonight and invited the cosplay club. They organized a quiz which was so long that only half the questions could be completed, lol. We entertained ourselves with Guitar hero and the new Tekkan game that were set up.

Both the best and worst moment of the night was when we played Capture the flag on a basketball court. We played in the dark for kicks and to make it more challenging, only one person on each team had a torch. It turns out that both of these things were a mistake. The game started of well, I even captured the flag myself, something I was quite proud of being it my first game and all. ^_~ But when both teams were at a draw and the game was nearly over disaster struck, well for me anyway. -_-;

Brandon and I ran into each other at running speed, my face collided with his chest, the force of the impact made me fall backwards, hitting my head on the concrete as I landed on it. We ended the game after that, luckily I was not seriously injured but I was stunned. That's not all, I can't turn my neck properly and when I do it hurts, plus I have a swollen scratched nose which thankfully is not broken. Dammit! Why do guys have to have such hard chests for?! It felt like I ran into a brick wall, it freaking hurt dammit! D8

Why does this sort of thing always seem to happen to me?! I'm so accident prone it's not funny although luckily I never seem to suffer serious injuries from it. I can't believe that even though the year is almost over I'm STILL having bad luck! D8 At least this nightmare year is almost over, wonder if I'll survive until then, at the way things are going, probably not. -_-;

Well I suppose I should be grateful I only have minor injuries, the main thing I'm worried about is concussion but that doesn't seem to be a concern thank god.

Anyway at least I had a good time in spite of the accident, even though I'm sore I'm happy I went to that party. :)
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Aizen and Gin Carameldansen

Santa parade

The cosplay club was in the Santa parade today which is our local christmas parade as name might suggest. We spent a lot of time waiting around but we finally got moving. It was pretty fun dancing to random anime music and waving to the crowd, I have to admit, I've always wanted to be in this. :)

When it had finished we took some photos for a competition that is running on the forums, that was entertaining as we had to be creative, lol.

When we were done with that we met with Lucy who had just finished her exams. After that we split up and went our separate ways, I opted to go to dinner with Glenn and Callie.

This weekend has been tiring but loads of fun, with me accomplishing some things I've been wanting to do for a while. But I don't mind it being exhausting as it takes my mind of things and is the break I need. =)
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Chaos, panic &amp; disorder!

It's Mafia time

Maddi's birthday party was held tonight, she decided on a live action Mafia game, a RPG game which is very popular on the cosplay forums. This is how it works:

People are divided into Mafia, Townies or Neutral and are given a characterand role to play. Some characters have actions, some don't, nobody knows who is what character or which side they are on. Actions are separated into night actions and day actions. During the night if your character has an action you may perform it by going to the GM and saying that you wish to perform an action. During the day however, there are no actions, only lynching, everybody votes a character to lynch, if they get enough votes they are lynched and out of the game. Speaking about the night actions is forbidden, the whole point of the game is to be secretive. Well that's it in a nutshell. xD

The theme was video game characters and I got quite a cool and well known character, Sora from Kingdom hearts. His role was the Vigilante and he was on the town side which meant his goal was to kill the mafia to protect the townspeople. So I got to kill one person per night, trouble is I had no way of knowing who was town and who was mafia. Accidentally killed a townie on my first night, whoops! xD I got lynched after that, it's a pity because the vigilante is a strong character for the town. )8

Once dead I was allowed to join the other deceased on the other side of our makeshift wall to play Super mario smash bros, lots of fun. =)

After Mafia was finished we had time for a game of mini mafia, I played a roleblocker. I also had a role with Rocky which meant if one of us was targeted to be the lynched then the other one would get lynched instead. Thanks for trying to lynch Rocky guys, you just lynched me instead! -_-; Oh well, back to the video game! xD

Lucy arrived in time for the mini mafia and entertained us by playing the piano. Then I took some photos of everyone being silly, lol.

For my first time playing Mafia it was actually pretty fun and easier than I thought it would be. I'll have to try playing this game online now! ^_~
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Cosplay Christmas party!

We had our Christmas party for the cosplay club last night, something I had been looking forward to as I missed last years one. It started of with Pass the parcel and the present game as per usual then our secret santa gifts were given out. Mine was the best present ever! A Ichimaru Gin plushie! So cute! I love it so much! I've always wanted a plushie of him! ♥ It also came with some chocolates and a cute card, I found out who gave it to me later on, I love you secret santa! For the present game I got a bunch of random stuff like silly putty, stickers and things like that. xD

We played a game where each person has a balloon attached to them and you have to run around trying to get everyones balloons, lol. They represent your life so once you've gone through three of them you're out of the game. The winner is the person who got the most balloons, sadly not me. Not as many games were organized this time around so we played a few well known games such as Concentration and Creeping up on granny etc.

After that I spent until 4:30 in the morning playing House of the dead with Milly and Loren then I got woken up early. -_- In all it was a good xmas party and I got the Ichimaru Gin plushie I'd always wanted, not a bad start to the festive season at all! ^_~ Speaking festivities I have to get ready for a birthday party now, busy weekend is busy! xD
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Disney night

This afternoon and evening a Disney night was held by a member of the cosplay club in celebration of their birthday. As the title implies it was a day of watching Disney movies, there were lots including some of my favourites such as "The lion king" and "Aladdin". We all had a good time watching them, munching on snacks and singing along to the songs, lol. ^_^

There was prizegiving afterwards and I won the prize of "Cosplayer most likely to randomly burst out into song" lol. I was quite surprised to win it as everybody was singing and I was gunning for "Best villain" too, lol. I'm not sure I won because I was singing Disney songs even when we weren't watching them or because I had the loudest (And naturally the best) singing voice. Or perhaps it was because I put a lot of effort into my singing, hey it's something I do well and if you've got may as well flaunt it right?! (I blame this on years of singing lessons, choirs and performances). ^_~ The prize was cute, a tiger photo holder and a giraffe one too. =)

The Ichimaru Gin soundmaker I bought of Trademe arrived yesterday too. It looks like a keyring and has a picture of my beloved Gin on it. When you press it, it either says "Sainara" or "Byebye" Gin's catch phrase in the voice of the original Japanese actor! ♥ 8D So cool! I'm going to have so much fun with this! ^_^
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