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Kaleidoscope Illusion

Forever changing, the colours of my soul

3 January
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››Hi, as you can see I love Ichimaru Gin from Bleach! (More like obessed!) ^_^ I'm currently watching Bleach, Naruto and Nyan Koi (The kitties are so cute!). I'm also a fan of various other animes and mangas *Pokes interests* but I am not into my fandoms much these days, (Except for Bleach, rabid yaoi fangirl here!) I do plan on getting back into them eventually. I also used to write fanfiction but am currently on hiatus for now. I have just gotten into cosplaying recently, I am very new to it so I still have a lot to learn! XD I would love to meet people with similiar interests to my own, comments are love so feel free! ^_^ Be warned however that I do love yaoi and het, posts of which can be found lurking around if you dare to venture into my journal. I love poking around LJ and I have a fondness for yoinking quizzes and icons and pictures but yes I will credit if used. :P Friending is fine but I prefer to get to know people a little before I friend them.


››CREDIT; This profile layout was made by misteline@inconcerto. It features a Bleach doujinshi called Yuki Asobi by Honey Canon. The doujinshi was scanned by Kurosouko.

I adopted a Naruto chibi! ^.^

Name: Sasori

Likes: Deidara and puppets

Dislikes: Being alone

Owner: Rainbowmoondust

Click here to adopt your own Naruto chibi!

Gin is Love
Gin is ♥